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What Parents Say About Swim Possible 

"We Highly Recommend

Swim Possible."


    "Our son learned how to swim at a very young age. Since he has Autism and is considered non-verbal, we decided to come to Swim Possible to work with him on swimming techniques and safety guidelines in the water. It may be small steps that we take to improve week after week but it is the consistency and the repetition of these techniques (arm movement, legs, face etc) that matters the most to our son. His swimming success is due to our instructors ability to be patient with his progress and their determination to provide outstanding service to ensure sound and safe results. We highly recommend Swim Possible to anyone looking to build a strong foundation of swimming techniques."


-Tony Farah

"The Results Have Been

Beyond Exceptional."


   "Our son, James, has been a student of Swim Possible for two years. The results have been beyond exceptional, and I recommend this to any parent. We live on a lake so it was imperative for us to insure he knew how to swim, for both safety and recreation purposes. James started swimming lessons 4 years ago via community education classes. He progressed nicely until he go to a point where he needed to put his head underwater to move onto the next levels of lessons which he was unable to do. He was not getting any of one-on-one attention to help him overcome that fear, thus hit a dead end. We were referred to Swim Possible from a schoolmate parent. With one-on-one attention our instructor was able to work with him to not only overcome his fear of going underwater, but the pool and the lessons have become his “happy place”. He can now do most swim strokes, do many laps unaided, swim underwater and has absolutely no fear. For any parent that wants their child to learn how to swim, and in a way that focuses both on the fun and the effort needed, Swim Possible is the best option possible. I strongly recommend."


-Jim Clemson


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