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adapted to you

2024 lesson calendar

1:1 adaptive lessons, $85 each

We offer 30 minute private lessons once a week adapted to your needs and ability.  We do offer 1 hour lesson options (when available) for those who need extra transition time. We also offer 10% off for each family member after your first swimmer in the water. 


If you have swim lesson needs not met by other conventional lessons, SwimPossible is the place to be! We don't go by structured levels and instead base our lessons simply around your abilities, goals, and needs to provide you with water safety and swim skills in the water.

swimmers goals include:

  • Developing a sense of comfort in/around the water

  • Learning basic water safety skills

  • Improving overall physical fitness

  • Supporting development/therapy goals

  • Learning to swim/learning strokes

  • Refining strokes/preparing for competitive swimming

  • More confidence in and out of the water!

year round lessons, made flexible

SwimPossible lessons are provided year round with month to month enrollment options. This provides students with the consistency they thrive on, with the flexibility they need. We are open on all dates in 2024 except the below closure dates:

March 29 - March 31

April 10

May 24 - May 27

June 17

July 1 - July 7

August 30 - September 2

October 31

November 28 - December 1

December 23 - January 5

These dates may be subject to change 


swimmers we serve include those:

  • with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • with Down Syndrome

  • with high anxiety or fear of water 

  • Adult learners/older youth beginners  

  • with attention issues/ADHD/ADD

  • with Cerebral Palsy

  • with other physically adaptive needs including:

    • low muscle tone

    • wheelchair/crutch use

    • limited mobility range

    • cochlear implants/hearing loss

    • vision loss

  • Anyone who wants to feel safer in the water!

swimpossible adaptive lesson
lesson tips for parents:
  • Take photos/video

    • Viewing these photos/videos throughout the week is a great way to reinforce what the child is learning in swim lessons, and helps them visualize what they want their body to do. It can also be a great source of pride for students!

  • Be “invisible” but available

    • Many students have difficulty attending to two separate adults during lessons, so its best if parents are more “invisible” and allow the instructor to provide all directions to the student. Parents should be present, however, in case the student has a behavior issue or difficulty settling themselves. We always welcome your thoughts, feedback, encouragement and suggestions.

  • Help provide transition time prior to the lesson

    • Swimming lessons can be very demanding, both physically and mentally. It’s ideal for students to have a regular transition routine to prepare for the lesson. Try to allow plenty of time prior to each lesson to change and use the restroom. Perhaps add a few minutes for a quiet activity before they come to the pool. 

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