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our core beliefs:

swimming should be fun, centering, and positive!

  • We pride ourselves on a gentle, comfortable water experience. This allows students to relax and “feel” how their bodies move in the water. We also believe swimming is all about joy, so we strive to make swimming lessons fun. A love of swimming provides students with an endless source of enjoyment throughout their lives as well as fitness and confidence -in and out of the water!

swimming and water safety skills are essential for everyone.

  • Drowning is a silent event that can happen to even experienced swimmers. Especially here in Minnesota where we are surrounded by lakes and rivers water safety is a must. We teach swimmers and their entire families water safety skills that will improve their chance of survival in the case of an accidental water entry or water emergency.  All SwimPossible instructors are Swim Angelfish certified.

students learn best through

a personalized approach.

  • In group classes at other swim schools, students must wait to receive limited time and feedback from the teacher, and are forced to adhere to rigid “levels” and skills they must master before moving on. We start with our students’ strengths, helping them find early successes in skills that match their abilities. We believe students ultimately progress more quickly when they can work with a teacher to master the right skills at the right time and pace.

meet the team:
chad  head swim instructor Special needs lessons
rachel adaptive swimming director of operations 1:1 lessons
Mahdy swim lessons special needs Minnesota

Chad, Head Instructor

  • Instructor Since: Winter 2017

  • Lifeguard and CPR certified. 

  • Favorite Swim Skills: Helping kids of all abilities adjust to water and learn skills that will help them be safe and have fun, while also experiencing a variety of sensory needs!

  • Background: Adapted Physical Education Teacher (DAPE) for over 6 years. Special education teacher in Eden Prairie.

  • When I'm not in the water I'm: Hanging with my wife, my 2 dogs Nacho and Donut, and 2 cats Hazy and Mac. 

Rachel, Director of Operations 

  • Instructor Since: Fall 2019

  • CPR certified

  • Favorite water skills: Working on team swim skills in preparation for special olympics. 

  • Background: Competitive swimmer for 14 years and 4 years lifeguard experience. 3 years PCA experience, and a previous instructor with FOSS swim school. 

  • When I'm not in the water I'm: Teaching with an after school art program and camping with my fiance. 

Mahdy, Instructor

  • Instructor Since: Spring 2019

  • Lifeguard and CPR certified. 

  • Favorite water skills: Working towards building swim strokes once swimmers are comfortable in the water, especially improving front crawl through a variety of drills. 

  • Background:  Life long competitive swimmer and diver at a national level in my home country of Egypt. I was even nicknamed "the dolphin" on the team.

  • When I'm not in the water I'm: Spending time with my daughter and looking for a good squash team. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 6.31.56 PM.png

Blake, Instructor

  • Instructor Since: Spring 2021

  • Favorite Swim Skills: Whether it be your first time in the pool or you're training for a triathlon, I find every interaction rewarding. Fear or no fear, I'm here. 

  • Background: In addition to be given the Lifesaver Award by Hennepin County, I have over 15 years of in water teaching and training experience as well as a decade of lifeguarding. 

  • When I'm not in the water I'm:  You can find me behind a piano or laptop, music-making and filmmaking while enjoying a decent cup of coffee. 

Lexi adaptive swim lessons saint louis park

Lexi, Instructor

  • Instructor Since: Spring 2021

  • Favorite water skills: Breaststroke and blowing bubbles.

  • Background:  Competitive swimmer for 6 years, and swam at State Championships as I got older. I taught swimming lessons for 2 years before joining SwimPossible.

  • When I'm not in the water I'm: Playing guitar, singing songs, and dancing.

Zeke adaptive swim lessons lakeville

Zeke, Instructor

  • Instructor Since: Spring 2021

  • Favorite Swim Skills: I absolutely love being under water; snorkeling and free diving is a ton of fun!

  • Background: Lifeguard for 4 plus years and taught swim lessons to all ages for around 3 years.

  • When I'm not in the water I'm: enjoying playing video games with friends and hiking.

swim instructor adaptive swim lessons

Ryan, Substitute Instructor

  • Instructor Since: Winter 2018

  • Lifeguard and CPR certified. 

  • Favorite Swim Skills: Working with swimmers on underwater skills including diving for rings!

  • Background: Competitor in open swims and triathlons since 2012 before finding  joy in teaching students swim safety and techniques. 

  • When I'm not in the water I'm: Managing TC Running Company in Maple Grove and spending time with my family. 


All SwimPossible Instructors

  • Specially trained in the SwimPossible and Swim Angelfish methods for adaptive lessons. 

  • Adaptable and enthusiastic to work with swimmers and meet their unique swim goals and needs.

  • Updated on each swimmer's "skill sheet" and goals before their swim session, ensuring they know exactly where you left off the session before.

  • Prepared to make transitions easy should a swimmer switch coaches at the end of a session through transition lessons, family communication and skill sheet updates. 

partners and supporters:

special thanks to our

pool facility partners:

  • WISE Swim School, Lakeville 

  • Hampton Inn, Maple Grove

  • Sabes Jewish Community Center, St. Louis Park  


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