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adaptive swim coaches minneapolis

our core beliefs:

swimming should be fun, centering, and positive!

  • We pride ourselves on a comfortable water experience, always meeting our swimmers exactly where they're at. This allows students to relax and “feel” how their bodies move in the water. We also believe swimming is all about joy, so we strive to make swimming lessons fun. A love of swimming provides students with an endless source of enjoyment throughout their lives as well as fitness and confidence -in and out of the water!

swimming and water safety skills are essential for everyone.

  • Drowning is a silent event that can happen to even experienced swimmers. Especially here in Minnesota where we are surrounded by lakes and rivers - water safety is a must! We teach swimmers and their entire families water safety skills that will help in the case of an accidental water entry or water emergency. We  also provide swimmers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with water rescue equipment. 

students learn best through

a personalized approach.

  • In group classes at other swim schools, students must wait to receive time and feedback from the teacher, and must pass their way through levels with groups of set skill requirements before learning further. We start with our students’ strengths, helping them find early successes in skills that match their abilities. We believe students ultimately progress more quickly when they can work with a teacher to master the right skills at the right time and pace.

meet the leadership team:

Tammy, Owner and Visionary

  • Since: Winter 2017

  • Favorite water skills: backstroke - loves to just slowly move down the lane relaxin

  • Background:  Finance & HR, Entrepreneur, and visionary

  • When I'm not in the water I'm: Spending time with family, reading, gardening, hiking, and camping


Amanda, Billing

  • Serving Since: Summer 2021

  • Favorite water skills: Butterfly and diving

  • Background: 5 years Competitive swimmer, lifeguarding, mother of 2

  • When I'm not in the water I'm: Camping, running my children to their activities, hanging with friends & family.


Wayne, Owner

  • Serving Since: Winter 2017

  • Favorite water skills: scuba diving - love the pressure of going under the water and popping up, and water skiing

  • Background:  Entrepreneur, visionary, and optimist

  • When I'm not in the water I'm: creating something

All SwimPossible Staff

  • Specially trained in the SwimPossible and Swim Angelfish methods for adaptive lessons. 

  • Adaptable and enthusiastic to work with swimmers and meet their unique swim goals and needs.

  • Updated on each swimmer's learning needs and goals before their swim session, ensuring they know exactly where you left off the session before.

  • Prepared to make transitions easy should a swimmer switch coaches at the end of a session through transition lessons, family communication and skill sheet updates. 

partners and supporters:

special thanks to our

pool facility partners:

  • WISE Swim School, Lakeville 

  • Sabes Jewish Community Center, St. Louis Park  

  • Therapy Junction, Plymouth

  • David Feinberg Vitality & Aquatics Center


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autism society of mn swimming
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