Swim Possible provides safe, calming, and fun lessons that are customized for students who need a gentle approach to learning how to swim. Our method incorporates current swim techniques and elements of water therapy to help students quiet their minds and feel how their bodies move in the water.

Swim Possible does not focus on diagnoses or labels. We teach swimming to students of all ages who are not served successfully by traditional lessons, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, and other sensory and learning differences. 


"In the water it's so quiet and

I'm so free and happy there."

- Naoki Higashida, 13, author of The Reason I Jump

"Going into the water,

you leave autism behind."

- Father of child with Autism

"Don't put a limit on anything.

The more you dream, 

the further you get."

-Michael Phelps

Olympic Gold Swimmer

Swim Possible is a member of NDPA and AUSM 

and a proud supporter of Autism Speaks

Abbey's Hope Foundation, and St Jude's Children's Hospital

- Swim Possible Mission

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