what we do

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10-week sessions in fall,

winter, spring, and summer:

Classes are taught in various locations across the Minneapolis metro area and we are looking to expand. Our adaptive lessons are designed to meet each student's needs, and build on their unique strengths and abilities. 


We do work with waiver programs. Contact us if you will be using a waiver program for payment. 

our pools

Hampton Inn and Suites

(7745 Elm Creek Blvd N, Maple Grove, MN 55369)

Hampton offers a quiet, shallow water, and warm pool. This is also our second great partner in Maple Grove. Swim Possible also provides families with a room at the Hampton to change in.  

Sabes JCC - St. Louis Park

(4330 Cedar Lake Road, St Louis Park, MN 55416)

This pool is the largest of all of our options, and is available to us during their quieter membership use hours. This facility includes a shallow pool as well as a lane pool with a deep end. They also offer family changing spaces.

WISE Swim School - Lakeville

(10491 165th St W, Lakeville MN 55044)

Our newest pool partner, WISE is our quietest and largest pool option. A  lap pool with several  stair entrances and a maximum depth of 5 feet. With no more than 2 coaches in the water with a swimmer at a time this option is great for swimmers with extra sensitive sensory needs. 

Travel To You 

(your address here)

Have a pool at home or in mind? Ask us about our ability to travel to you. We believe comfort in the swim environment is key to learning so if you already have a pool your swimmer is comfortable in we would love to accommodate that!  

not just swim lessons: a swim family

With SwimPossible you aren't just learning water safety and swim skills, you're becoming a part of a family. Each session is ended with a group wide gathering including a family open swim (so bring the whole crew), dinner, certificates for our swimmers to celebrate their progress in all forms, door prizes and more! We want you to not only learn swimming but make connections along the learning journey. So join our family today!

our lessons

just for me

1:1 lessons, 75$ each

30 minute private lessons once a week adapted to your needs and ability. Learn water safety, swim skills, feel relaxed, and have fun! Great for those just starting or who learn best without distractions from the instructor. Ask us about 1 hour lesson availability. 

team swim

Starting Winter 2020

Special Olympics team where everyone shines! Made for all levels of swim ability with a variety of competitions and lots of encouragement. Group swims once a month in addition to lessons with your instructor either 1:1 or 2:1. 

buddy system

2:1 lessons, 40$ each

New to SwimPossible: 30 minute lessons once a week for building on basic swim skills and socializing. Plenty of hands on work with an instructor all while making new friends (or getting mom, dad, your brother or even grandma in the water with you!)




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