ASD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome swim lessons

why we're unique

adapted to you, always

1:1 lessons, $75 each

We offer 30 minute private lessons once a week adapted to your needs and ability. These are offered in 4 sessions throughout the year. Learn water safety, swim skills, feel relaxed, and have fun!  Ask us about 1 hour lesson availability as well as discounts for siblings. ​We do work with waiver programs. 


If you have swim lesson needs not met by other conventional lessons, SwimPossible is the place to be! We don't go by structured levels and instead base our lessons simply around your abilities, goals, and needs to provide you with confidence and safety in the water.

learners goals include:

  • Developing a sense of comfort in/around the water

  • Learning basic water safety skills

  • Improving overall physical fitness

  • Supporting development/therapy goals

  • Learning to swim/learning strokes

  • Refining strokes/preparing for competitive swimming

  • More confidence in and out of the water!

learners we serve:

  • Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Those with Down’s Syndrome

  • High anxiety or fear of water 

  • Adult learners/older youth beginners  

  • Attention issues/ADHD/ADD

  • Those with Cerebral Palsy or other physically adaptive needs including:

    • low muscle tone

    • wheelchair/crutch use

    • limited mobility range

    • cochlear implants/hearing loss

    • vision loss

  • Anyone who wants to feel safer in the water!

swim lessons for physical disabilities

our method works!

SwimPossible provides lessons that are customized for students who need a different, gentler approach to learning how to swim. We work with students of all ages, abilities, and learning styles, who have a variety of goals.

All of our instructors are well trained in water safety, swim strokes and adaptive swim techniques. Swimmers with Autism (who many thought could not learn to swim) have learned to swim with us, and in the process increased their verbal, fitness, social, and safety skills. Other students have gone on to successfully participate in Special Olympics events and other competitive swimming teams. We have also helped adults (many of our students' parents) who were non-swimmers to be comfortable and keep their families safe around water. 

With SwimPossible you aren't just learning water safety and swim skills, you're also part of a family. Each session is ended with a participant gathering including a family open swim, dinner, certificates for our swimmers to celebrate their progress, door prizes and more! We want you to not only learn swimming but make connections along the learning  journey.