Answers to some common questions are below, but know that our instructors are always open to talking with you. We want to work closely with parents and caregivers to make each student's lesson experience as successful and enjoyable as possible. 

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  • Why should I/my child take private lessons?
    • In traditional group lessons, students must wait at the wall while their peers practice with the teacher. Also, students are only able to move to new skills after meeting all the standards for a set level, which means they must repeat a level if they are lagging in just one skill. In contrast, Swim Possible students progress more quickly because lessons are individualized to their needs, and they have constant attention and feedback from their instructor.

  • How long are lessons?
    • Swim Possible lessons are 30 minutes in length. We find this is usually the right amount of time for learners to focus and have efficient movements in the water.

  • Where are lessons held?
    • Swim Possible instructors teach at partner pools in various locations in the Minneapolis metro area, primarily in the West and South suburbs. We also occasionally come to clients’ pools. Contact us for this session’s pool locations.


  • What should we bring to the first lesson?
    • Be sure to bring your signed waiver/registration form! In terms of equipment, check out our Resources for Students and Families section. A swimsuit and goggles are a good start, and students who chill easily may benefit from a neoprene wetsuit or swim shirt.

  • What is a good age to start swimming lessons?
    • We have worked with infants to adults -- people of all ages benefit from the calming effects of water! Starting around preschool age, children are often ready to begin following instructions and learning swimming skills that will allow them to independently move through the water.

  • Do parents need to be there during lessons?
    • Yes; we require a parent or caregiver to be present at all times for safety reasons, and to help calm a child if needed. We also like to hear parents’ suggestions for how to help motivate students, and how we can support the child’s other learning or therapy goals.


  • What kind of progress can I expect to see?
    • We start by helping each student become comfortable in and around the water. For some students, this goes relatively quickly and they are able to move on to swimming skills. For other students (particularly those with anxiety, sensory issues, or with negative prior experiences), this process can take longer. Then, the student’s progression through skills depends on their developmental readiness, their coordination and strength, etc. We have successfully taught numerous students with Autism or other differences (who no one thought could swim!) to safely move independently in the water.  


  • My child is fearful of going underwater. Will you make him do this?
    • Our approach uses the gentle touch of massage, the focused breath of yoga, and the calming effects of water to first help students become comfortable. We then slowly add body parts in the water (ears, nose, etc.), until the student is ready to go fully underwater. Eventually, most of our students come to enjoy going underwater as it provides full-body pressure that feels good (and it’s a fun, more efficient way to swim too!).

  • Can you come to a pool near me?
    • We teach at partner pools across the metro, and occasionally come to clients’ home pools, or pools where they are members. Contact us for more information on current locations.


  • Do you take waivers that cover therapeutic programs?
    • Yes, we work with families who have a waiver program for their students’ lessons. You will need to provide the company name, address, and email where we should send the invoice. If the first invoice is denied, we ask that families pay us for lessons directly, and then work with the company to be reimbursed.


  • What is your policy on missing lessons?
    • Let your instructor know as soon as possible if you know you cannot attend one of your scheduled lesson times. While we are unable to provide reimbursement for missed lessons, we would be happy to schedule a make-up lesson during the designated make-up week at the end of each session. In the event of severe weather/facility closure or instructor illness, we will offer a credit toward your next lesson.  

Swim Possible is a member of NDPA (National Drowning Prevention Alliance) and AUSM (Autism Society of Minnesota)

Swim Possible is a donor to Autism Speaks and Abbey's Hope Foundation

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